Here at Greensleeve Trading Company, we strive to meet every customer’s needs while providing fast, reliable service around the world.

general aircraft parts

We offer a wide range of general aircraft parts including fuselages, wings, empennages, powerplants, landing gear and much more. We also offer a variety of subparts that are crucial to safety and efficiency.

commercial aircraft parts

Commercial aircraft parts are in high demand and therefore require flexible, top quality products at affordable prices. We guarantee to supply you with every part to meet all of your needs while delivering fast reliable service at the best prices in the market.

military aircraft parts

Aircraft have been a fundamental part of military power since the mid-20th century. We offer our various international military clients the best quality parts for various carriers including fighters, bombers, unmanned aerial vehicles and many more.

corporate aircraft parts

Similar to commercial aircrafts carriers, we provide the best quality parts for our corporate clients to meet their private transportation needs. From Light Jets to Executive Airliners we strive to provide the best parts for every type of carrier.

helicopter and rotary parts

Helicopters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but most share the same major components ranging from the airframe, fuselage, landing gear, powerplant, transmission, main rotor system, and tail rotor system. We ensure that all of our products will exceed your expectations and deliver the best service.

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